SmileUp! Ambassador Program
Once a SmileUp! VOLUNTEER serves in 6 SmileUp! events or gains 12 volunteer hours (whichever comes first), they become a SmileUp! AMBASSADOR!

 As a SmileUp! Ambassador, you...
  1. receive a free Ambassador t-shirt 
  2. get to lead a station at our SmileUp! events
  3. are eligible to receive SmileUp! Jumpstart Money and a SmileUp! Coach to plan a fundraising event for a cause important to you
  4. are eligible for nomination to the SmileUp! Junior Advisory Board
  5. ...and much more!!!!
“Thank you to the SmileUp! Charitable Foundation and its volunteers for beautifully decorating our facility for Christmas! What a wonderful surprise for our staff and what a sweet gift you've given to our [foster] families!”
~ The Children’s Haven Staff ~