Once a SmileUp! VOLUNTEER gains twelve service hours, they become a SmileUp! AMBASSADOR. The benefits to becoming an Ambassador are listed below.

Ambassador T-shirt & Decal

Receive an Ambassador t-shirt to be worn at all SmileUp! events and a SmileUp! window decal

SmileUp! StartUp! Money

Eligible to receive SmileUp! StartUp! Money and a SmileUp! Coach to organize a fundraising event for a cause important to Ambassador

Junior Advisory Board

Eligible for nomination to the SmileUp! Junior Advisory Board


…and so much more!

SmileUp! Ambassadors

Jared R.

Phillip T.

Kenzie T.

Kade B.

Kenzie B.

Kaley B.

Macey T.

Ella A.

Olivia J.

Aahana K.

Brett L.

Libby B.

Josh B.

Jilian H.

Juliana H.

Jackson H.

Elodie L.

Lila L.

Evelyn J.

Jameson P.

Matteo P.

Santiago M.

Elizabeth C.

Natalie C.

Mikey P.

Adalynn P.

Annalise P.