“You see, everybody is different, and everybody is valuable. The world can be a better place because you were born into it.”

Mr. Rogers

About Us

Smile Up Charitable Foundation is a youth, volunteer-powered organization committed to getting young people to lead the charge in volunteerism, focusing their efforts on helping other youth. These volunteers grow in leadership, develop in empathy and achieve social consciousness by improving the human condition through service and we hope that by giving the youth the opportunity to serve, they will experience the joy and empowerment that comes from helping others. Children instinctively focus on the humanity of a person and SmileUp! reinforces this character trait so that they carry it into adulthood.

We are also committed to supporting other charities and organizations who focus on benefiting the lives of the youth through advocacy, awareness and action. We hope that, through service, our youth volunteers and the recipients of their volunteer efforts will SmileUp! from whatever they may be going through, improving their mental health and inspiring them to live a life of continued community service. 


  1. Young people from ages 3-18 register to become a SmileUp! volunteer on our website.
  2. SmileUp! creates opportunities to volunteer that take into consideration the personalities and sensibilities of young people.
  3. SmileUp! sends a “volunteer callout” to our list of registered participants informing them of an upcoming opportunity.
  4. The SmileUp! volunteer then registers for that event or ignores the callout.
  5. SmileUp! volunteer shows up to event ready to work!






We envision a world where young people are leading the charge in volunteerism through awareness, advocacy and action.



Our mission is to be a conduit through which the youth can lead the charge in volunteerism, increasing joy through improving mental health, providing a sense of purpose to every young person involved and restoring hope for the future.



  • Every child has an innate desire to help others
  • Every child should be shown respect and treated with dignity
  • Every child has a voice that should be heard
  • Every child has a purpose and has something to offer to the world
  • Every child should have something to smile about





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